Daily Dadish is a forthcoming retro-inspired platformer with one level every day.

New game Daily Dadish

Thomas K. Young, who makes games on his own, has announced a new Dadish game called Daily Dadish. It will come out on February 8 for iOS, Android, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Like its predecessor, Daily Dadish is a retro-styled platformer where the main character, a parent/vegetable, jumps over obstacles. The twist is that you can only finish one level per day. You’re right. There are 365 stages, and you can play each one on a different day. So, if you want to finish them all, you’ll have to make Daily Dadish a part of your daily life.

When asked what made the creator of Daily Dadish come up with the idea, Thomas K. Young said, “It might sound strange, but Wordle was my biggest inspiration for Daily Dadish. I liked having a new puzzle every day, so I decided to use the same idea with Dadish.

About Daily Dadish

Even without the full-year advent calendar, Daily Dadish promises to give people the same experience that has led more than four million people to download the series. That means jokes that are silly but funny and great platforming. The soundtrack will have remixes of songs from the other Dadish games, so I’m sure it will be fun to listen to.

Other than the hero of the game, Daily Dadish will have ten playable characters that you can unlock as you try to beat each level as quickly as possible. If you’re a competitive person, if you finish them quickly you’ll get medals and stars that you can use to show how good you are at platforming.

When it release?

Daily Dadish will be a free-to-play game with ads that will be available on the App Store and Google Play on February 8, 2023. On the same day, it will also be available for $9.99 on PC and Nintendo Switch.