Get Dragon Tickets Now in Dragon Tamer (Free!)

Are you a fan of dragons and looking for an exciting new way to explore the world of dragon taming? Look no further! This blog will provide you with all the information you need to get dragon tickets and start your dragon taming journey – for free! Get ready to discover a magical world of adventure and excitement – all from the comfort of your own home. So don’t wait – get your dragon tickets now!

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What are Dragon Tickets?

Dragon tickets are special items in the game that can be used to purchase dragon eggs. They are used to purchase rare and powerful dragons that can help you become the ultimate dragon tamer. They are also used to purchase special items that increase your dragon’s stats.

How to Get Dragon Tickets in Dragon Tamer?

The best way to get dragon tickets for free is to participate in events. Every few weeks, the game will run special events that give you the opportunity to collect dragon tickets. These events may involve completing certain tasks or playing against other players.

In addition to participating in in-game events, you can also get dragon tickets by completing daily tasks. Every day, the game will offer a set of tasks that will give you dragon tickets when you complete them. These tasks may involve collecting resources, fighting monsters, or completing puzzles.

If you don’t have enough time to participate in events or complete daily tasks, you can purchase dragon tickets with real money. The game offers various packages that can give you dragon tickets at a discounted price.


Dragon tickets are an important item in the game of Dragon Tamer. You can get them for free by participating in events and completing daily tasks. Alternatively, you can purchase dragon tickets with real money. No matter which method you choose, dragon tickets are an essential part of becoming the ultimate dragon tamer.