Marvel Snap unveils its agenda for the next year

The Marvel Snap roadmap

Second Dinner, which made the card battler Marvel Snap, which came out recently and was a hit right away, has announced plans for new content and additions in the new year. This 2023 roadmap shows a lot of upcoming features, such as more social features, new card types, in-game events, and a lot more.

Since it came out a few months ago, Marvel Snap has taken the world by storm. It is a simple yet experimental card game that appeals to Marvel fans with an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master loop that has taken the world by storm. After a few in-game events and some spread-out quality-of-life updates, Marvel Snap doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon, based on this recently released roadmap of updates coming in 2023. Let’s go over the most important parts!


In the “Coming Soon” section of the map, you can see updates that are coming soon. One of these is the much-requested battle mode vs. friends, which will let you invite your friends into the game to fight with you. It’s a small change, but it’s one that people have been looking forward to since the game came out. Other changes that are likely to come soon include the ability to change your profile name, artist credits for each card’s art, support for the Russian and Vietnamese languages, and Infinity Split Mod Details, which is a very vague hint at a new mechanic.

As for the rest, there are some changes to the PC user interface, Smart Decks, an Unranked Mode, and new Competitive Modes in the “In Development” section. All of these are pretty obvious, except for Smart Decks, which may be a way to build decks automatically based on what you want to specialize in.

And finally, there are a few changes to the way we think about things. Most likely, the new Infinity Rank Leaderboard, the Guilds Social System, Mythic Variants, and In-Game Events are the most important ones here. All of these sound like great additions to the game, and they show that more are on the way.

With all of this new content coming soon, why not get a head start and download Marvel Snap right now?