Travel Town – A Neckerchief

🧣 Looking to upgrade your fashion game in Travel Town? Wondering how to get your hands on a stylish neckerchief? 🤔 In this article, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to obtaining a neckerchief in Travel Town. 💼✨ From upgrading your sewing tools to utilizing the Sewing Studio, we’ll walk you through the process. Stay tuned as we delve into the necessary upgrades, materials needed, and the level at which the neckerchief becomes available. Get ready to level up your fashion game! 💪

How To Get A Neckerchief In Travel Town?

How To Get A Neckerchief In Travel Town: Upgrade sewing tools and the sewing kit to maximum level, then use cloth and thread with a sewing machine to make clothes. The neckerchief is available at level 2.

Upgrade sewing tools to get neckerchief in Travel Town

To obtain the neckerchief in Travel Town, you will need to utilize the Sewing Studio. The first step is to upgrade your sewing tools. These tools include items such as buttons, zippers, and other accessories that are essential for sewing. By continuously upgrading these tools, you will eventually reach the maximum level sewing machine, which is necessary for creating the neckerchief.

Reach maximum level sewing machine for neckerchief in Travel Town

Once you have upgraded your sewing tools to the maximum level, you can move on to upgrading your sewing machine itself. This process involves enhancing its capabilities and functionalities to reach the top level. By doing so, you will unlock the ability to create various clothing items, including the coveted neckerchief at level 2.

Upgrade sewing kit for cloth and thread to make neckerchief

In addition to upgrading your sewing machine, you will also need to focus on improving your sewing kit. By upgrading your sewing kit to the maximum level, you will gain access to essential materials such as cloth and thread. These materials are crucial for creating the neckerchief and other garments. Once you have acquired the necessary cloth and thread, you can utilize your upgraded sewing machine to craft the neckerchief.


Q: How do I upgrade my sewing tools in Travel Town?
A: To upgrade your sewing tools, you can visit the Sewing Studio and look for upgrade options. These upgrades may require in-game currency or completing specific tasks or achievements.

Q: What is the maximum level sewing machine in Travel Town?
A: The maximum level sewing machine is the highest level of sewing machine that you can achieve in the game. This level unlocks additional features and allows you to create more advanced clothing items, including the neckerchief.

Q: Can I obtain the neckerchief without upgrading my sewing tools and machine?
A: No, upgrading your sewing tools and machine is essential to unlock the ability to create the neckerchief. Without these upgrades, you will not have the necessary resources and capabilities to craft the neckerchief.


Obtaining the neckerchief in Travel Town requires a series of upgrades to your sewing tools, sewing machine, and sewing kit. By diligently upgrading these components, you will unlock the ability to create the neckerchief at level 2. Remember to gather the necessary cloth and thread to complete the crafting process. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own neckerchief and showcasing your sewing skills in the game.

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