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Why We Need Energy in Sunrise Village?

Energy is crucial in Sunrise Village as it is required for performing various tasks and activities. It is necessary for clearing and gathering resources needed for production, constructing new buildings, and exploring new locations. Without enough energy, you won’t be able to complete tasks and progress further in the game.

Moreover, energy is also required to clear thorn bushes and other obstacles as you venture through new locations. These obstacles can hinder your progress, and clearing them is essential to explore new areas and unlock new features in the game.

In summary, energy is essential for almost every activity in Sunrise Village, and having enough energy will help you progress faster in the game. Therefore, it’s important to know how to obtain and manage your energy points efficiently to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

How to get more Free Energy at Sunrise Village?

If you’re playing Sunrise Village, you know that energy is essential for completing tasks and venturing through new locations. Here are some ways to get Sunrise Village free energy:

Build the Sweet Shop: Once you reach level five, you can build the Sweet Shop. In the sweet shop, you can convert cherries, plums, peaches, or fruit medley into 15 energy points.

Collect fruit and blue energy bottles: Cherries, plums, and peaches can be found when clearing a location and from crates, chests, and barrels. You can also find blue energy bottles at locations. Tap to collect and get some extra energy points.

Gather mushrooms and berries: In some locations, you’ll find a campfire where you can produce mushroom soup or berry syrup. When collected, 20 energy points will be added to your energy bar.

Take care of animals: Cows, for example, will give you 12 energy points after generating 24 bottles of milk. Make sure to take care of all animals with a care package so they can generate more products for you.

Do quests: Quests can also give you extra energy. For example, a quest in the Woodlands, where Albert asks you to find some spider silk to make fabric, will give 20 energy points.

Level up and improve friendships: With every new level, you will receive new rewards, including energy. You can also receive energy from your village friends. Take them with you to explore new destinations, improve your friendship, and gain energy points.

However, the best way to get free energy instantly is to use a generator. We’ll show you step-by-step how to use it in the next part.

Sunrise Village Energy Generator for Android and IOS

If you’re looking for free energy for Sunrise Village, simply click on the button below to begin the process.

On the next page, select the amount of energy you want and enter your username/ID, and choose your mobile platform.

How to get username

Then, press Generate. Our tool will start generate free energy for your account.

The next step is human verification to confirm that you’re not a robot. You’ll need to provide some personal details such as your name and age.

After completing the verification process, the free energy will be added to your account, giving you a boost to help you progress quickly in the game. Don’t forget to share our Sunrise Village cheats with your friends so they can benefit from it too!


What are the risks of using hacks in Sunrise Village?

Using hacks in Sunrise Village is considered game piracy and is illegal. It can get you into big trouble, as the developers put a lot of effort and money into creating the game. Instead of using hacks, it’s best to use the Sunrise Village generator, which offers a way to get free energy without violating any laws or rules. Not only does this help keep the game fair and balanced, but it also allows you to enjoy the game to its fullest. So, why risk getting in trouble by hacking your way through when you can get your free energy legally through the generator?

Sunrise Village Cheat Codes 2023

Cheat codes are virtual codes that unlock extra energy and rewards in Sunrise Village. These codes can be found on the official website or social media accounts, and using them can give players a major advantage, including secret levels.

Codes Rewards
EHRH-BBKP 10 Gems, 5 Iron Ore, 50 Energy
PQRU-VJNO 20 Gems, 10 Wood, 50 Energy
GEEK-MMEP 20 Gems, 15 Coal, 50 Energy
FYXG-TWXP 25 Gems, 15 Iron Ore, 50 Energy
KWZJ-EBZK 30 Gems, 20 Wood, 50 Energy
EBFG-VEDT 35 Gems, 15 Stone, 50 Energy

We update codes daily. If the codes do not work, write it in the comments and we will update them.

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Sunrise Village

1. Start a new game or load an existing game file in Sunrise Village.
2. Press ‘Start’ and choose the level you want to play.
3. Select ‘Options’ from the in-game menu and choose to enable codes.
4. Write down the code you want to enter. Usually, such codes are given in the official Sunrise Village game manual.
5. Press ‘Escape’ to open the in-game menu again. Select ‘Code’ this time.
6. Type in the code you wrote down in the empty field.
7. Confirm your cheat code by pressing ‘Enter’.

About Sunrise Village

Sunrise Village is a fun and vibrant simulation game that allows players to customize their own city and recruit NPCs to join their village. It’s easy to learn and full of charming characters.

The graphics are colorful and beautiful, immersing players in a vibrant world and making the gameplay even more enjoyable. The game can seem a bit repetitive and grind-y, but the rewards are worth it.

The great thing about Sunrise Village is that it has something for everyone. From long-time simulation game enthusiasts to those wanting a unique and fun gaming experience, people of all ages can find something enjoyable about this title, like farming or fishing.

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