Travel Town – A Goldfish

🐠🌴 Do you want to know how to get a goldfish in Travel Town? 🤔 Leveling up and still no sign of this elusive creature? 😮 In this article, we will unravel the mystery and guide you through the steps to obtain these beautiful aquatic pets. 💦💫 We will explore the role of the Arabian Garden, the significance of the max level fountain, and how to acquire fancy goldfish. Get ready to dive into the world of Travel Town and discover the secrets of obtaining your very own goldfish! 🌟🐠

How To Get A Goldfish In Travel Town?

How To Get A Goldfish In Travel Town: To get a goldfish in Travel Town, you need to reach level 27 and continue leveling up until level 37. Once you have reached level 37, you can obtain a goldfish by purchasing the max level fountain from the Arabian Garden.

Level up to unlock the Arabian Garden for goldfish

Unlocking the Arabian Garden is a key milestone in your quest to obtain goldfish. This exclusive area becomes available once you reach level 27 in the game. So, keep playing and leveling up to unlock this special feature.

Purchase the max level fountain to produce goldfish

Once you’ve unlocked the Arabian Garden, you’ll need to obtain the max level fountain to start producing goldfish. This fountain is the pinnacle of aquatic luxury and is capable of producing these beautiful creatures. Head over to the in-game store and purchase the max level fountain to kickstart your goldfish production.

Use the Arabian Garden to obtain the fountain

To acquire the fountain, you need to make use of the Arabian Garden. This unique location is where you’ll find the fountain available for purchase. Explore the Arabian Garden, enjoy its enchanting ambiance, and once you’ve gathered enough resources or met the necessary requirements, you can acquire the fountain and begin your goldfish production journey.


Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions regarding the acquisition of goldfish in the game:

Where do the fancy goldfish come from?
Fancy goldfish can also be obtained through the max level fountain. As you upgrade your fountain and progress in the game, you might discover special variations of goldfish, including the fancy ones. Keep an eye out for these unique and captivating creatures.

How do I get the fountain? Is that in the Arabian garden?
Yes, the fountain can be obtained in the Arabian Garden. This beautiful and serene location offers you the opportunity to purchase the fountain and start your goldfish production. So make sure to visit the Arabian Garden regularly and check if you’ve accumulated enough resources or met the necessary requirements to acquire the fountain.


In conclusion, obtaining goldfish in the game requires some specific steps. First, make sure to level up until you unlock the Arabian Garden. Once you have access to this special area, head over to the in-game store and purchase the max level fountain, which will allow you to produce goldfish. Remember to explore the Arabian Garden and keep an eye out for special variations of goldfish, such as the fancy ones. Enjoy creating your own aquatic paradise and have fun collecting these mesmerizing creatures!

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