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🕵️‍♀️🔍🌍 Uncovering the Secrets of Travel Town: How to Get Your Hands on a Watch? 🤔⌚

Have you ever wondered how to obtain a watch in the enchanting realm of Travel Town? 🏰✨ Brace yourself, as we delve into the mysterious world of small fishing nets and undersea gold! In this article, we will reveal the secret behind acquiring this coveted timepiece. Join us as we explore the process, tapping into undersea gold, and uncovering whether it will grant us a watch or a mischievous yoga monkey! 🐵🔍 Prepare to embark on an underwater adventure, as we unravel the secrets of obtaining a watch! 🌊🔍

How To Get A Watch In Travel Town?

How To Get A Watch In Travel Town: To get a watch in Travel Town, you need to use a small fishing net (level 3) that produces undersea gold. Tap the gold several times to obtain either a watch or a monkey.

Obtain a small fishing net (level 3) to start producing watches.

To begin your journey of obtaining watches from the fishing net, you will need to acquire a small fishing net of at least level 3. This specific level is crucial as it marks the starting point of the net’s ability to produce undersea gold, which ultimately grants you the chance to find watches or even monkeys.

Tap the undersea gold from the fishing net to find watches.

Once you have the appropriate fishing net, it’s time to tap into the potential of the undersea gold. This gold, when obtained from the fishing net, holds the secret to obtaining watches. By tapping the gold multiple times, you increase your chances of finding a watch or even stumbling upon a yoga monkey. So, be sure to tap away and explore the treasures hidden within.

Increase your chances of getting a watch by tapping the gold multiple times.

If you’re aiming to maximize your chances of obtaining a watch, it is essential to tap the undersea gold multiple times. Each tap brings you closer to the possibility of discovering a watch or a playful yoga monkey. So, don’t hesitate to tap repeatedly and unleash the potential of the undersea gold.


Here are some frequently asked questions about obtaining watches from the fishing net:

Q: How do you increase the level of the fishing net?
A: The fishing net’s level can be increased by progressing through the game and unlocking higher levels. Keep playing and completing tasks to unlock stronger nets.

Q: Can you only get watches and monkeys from the fishing net?
A: Yes, the fishing net specifically produces undersea gold, which can yield either a watch or a yoga monkey. These are the exclusive rewards you can obtain from the net.

Q: Is there a higher chance of getting a watch compared to a yoga monkey?
A: The chances of obtaining a watch or a yoga monkey are equal. It all depends on luck and the number of times you tap the undersea gold.


In conclusion, acquiring a small fishing net (level 3) is the first step towards obtaining watches from the fishing net. By tapping into the undersea gold produced by the net, you unlock the possibility of finding these valuable timepieces. Remember to tap the gold multiple times to increase your chances of discovering a watch or even encountering a playful yoga monkey. Enjoy the thrill of collecting these treasures from the depths of the sea!

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